Call today and find out just how much we have to offer your business!  We custom weld repairs on heavy equipment attachments, buckets, compaction wheels, excavator thumbs, and sheeps foot. We also offer a full line of tungsten and alloy hardfacing options for your construction equipment. Although we specialize in harfacing tractor consumables and fabricating trackout plates, we also design and build many other products for the construction industry. Currently, one of our top selling items is identification name and number plates that can be welded onto equipment to help prevent loss and promote your business.

Trackout Grates & Trackout Plates

Rumble plates (also referred to as track-out plates or shaker plates) are a necessity for any construction site entrance. We at Extreme Hardfacing & Welding supply a huge amount of these rumble plates to all across the United States at a lower price than you will find anywhere else. We guarantee you will not be disappointed in the quality and durability of our rumble plates. Call the number on the left and ask for a quote!

Welding & Manufacturing

Our welding shop takes on many different jobs. Our shop is home to multiple welders, a CNC plasma machine, a CNC press brake machine, shears, a bandsaw etc. We build anything and everything, we’ve done fabrication jobs in the past including fuel tanks, 657E scraper repower kit parts, wear tractor parts, bucket repairs, plus multiple cutting and bending jobs. We’ve got lots of experience with all of our machines and are capable of taking on lots of different jobs.

Samson Oil Pumps, Hose Reels, & Other Samson Products

Extreme Hardfacing & Welding is an official dealer for Samson Corporation oil pumps and hose reels. We have the full line of Samson at our disposal, and we’ll beat any price you find out there! Not only do we use Samson products for our own uses, we sell them brand new to the public. Check out our Samson page and add any product to our online cart, or call or number for any questions on our Samson products.

New Equipment For Sale

We are constantly adding new product lines to our online store, so make sure to check back often to see what’s new. Or you can call our number to check what products are available that are not currently on our site.

Used Equipment For Sale

We have some used equipment and tools we like to sell from time to time. These items are only available by calling the number on the left.